Vilnius Justinas Vienožinskis Art School

The arts school was established in 1958. The founder of the school is Vilnius city municipality.

In 1994 the school was given the name of Justinas Vienožinskis.

The present principal of the school is sculptor Algis Lankelis – Elvich (born in 1964).

The main mission of the non-formal education J. Vienožinskis art school is to develop artistic capabilities and creativeness of both, children and adults through art studies. The school provides the training of versatile artistic capabilities, covering the expression of intuition, feelings and intellect, as well as combining an emotional experience and critical thinking, disclosing the individuality and independence of personality.

The main goals of the school are:

1) to provide general artistic and esthetical competence necessary in different spheres of life

2) to cherish a person’s spiritual world based on humanistic values

3) to help a pupil to express himself, to create, communicate, give a sense to his/her life in a creative way within the context of the community, country and world culture. This helps form the skills of knowing oneself and other persons, the abilities to adapt to and to respect any other way of thinking, work or life, to develop a range of self-expression methods that are necessary to every person.

Since the beginning of the establishment of J. Vienožinskis art school, the traditional art directions, especially the painting tradition, was very strong and cherished.  The curriculum of the school has been supplemented with the new and creative disciplines during the last years. Great attention was devoted to the spatial and temporal arts which basics are introduced to the pupils by the artists well known to the stage of the contemporary Lithuanian art.

Schoolchildren department:

Schoolchildren within the age groups of 12-16 and 17-18 are admitted to this department. Classes are held three times per week, i.e. in total twelve academic hours.

The following classes are held at the schoolchildren department: composition, drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, ceramics, art history.

Adult department:

The age of attendees of the adult department, starting with 18, is not limited. Most often students of higher university schools (e.g. Vilnius University, Vilnius Pedagogical University etc.), colleges, working persons or those who have reached the venerable or retirement age attend the school.  The classes at this department are held three times per week, i.e. 12 academic hours, from 7 p.m. till 10 p.m.

Classes on composition, drawing, painting, graphics and art history are conducted at the adult department.


Besides the basic education courses, the pupils of J. Vienožinskis art school may select courses in the basics of animation (since the age of six), photography, design (since the age of fourteen). Also, these studies may be attended by persons who have not entered the J. Vienožinskis art school.


Different studios in the basics of fine arts, graphics, ceramics conducted by the school pedagogues according to individual programs operate at school. There attention is paid exclusively to the individual needs of a pupil who is assisted in the improvement in his personal skills. Private studies are also intended for children aged 5 – 9. The schoolchildren who attend these studies do not only spend their spare time after school in a meaningful way, but also prepare for admission to art schools.

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